Thank You

Thank you for your donation to shantidham this will help with your desired charity
Please click the button below and donate your amount one off or you can donate the same amount on monthly basis.

Sponsoring a child with Aid for Education, is a rewarding way to change children’s lives and futures.

Primary school child                  £12 per month            £144.00 per year

Secondary school child             £14 per month           £168.00 per year

Vocational Training                    £20 per month           £240.00 per year

To adopt a cow you can also pay this amount on a monthly basis. ADOPT ON MONTHLY BASIS £30.00 this will be taken from your account on monthly basis.

Gau Charo    £11.00

Gau  Puja      £51.00

Gau Sewa     £101.00

For 1 TREE PLANTING    £11.00

You can donate for as many trees as you wish just enter the amount you wish to donate for.

Donate for 50 Tress planting
(You will get a dedicated patch with family name plate)