Tree Planting in India

Tree planting In India


Message from Mahant Shri Devprasadji Maharaj


Tree plantion ceremony by Munuji in Richikesh India

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“Non Resident Indians may not reside within Indian Territory but India is just not restricted within territory, you can feel it within you”


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India is one of the fastest developing countries today, but do we just want to attain that status of developed ones like others or do we want to develop sustainably? … Of course we all know our insight, whether we are Indians living within Territory or outside it, we want India to develop sustainably, so that it can attain a respectful and a responsible status keeping all its rich heritage, culture, natural beauty and its values preserved.
But in present scenario it seems like a far cry because in this race of development we have completely ignored the ecological, cultural and environmental fronts. Though recently India has achieved so much in economic front but has lost so much ecologically and culturally.
Looking forward for the solution of these takes a strong persistence, a pledge at personal level, only government cannot do it all. To develop India sustainably contribution at personal level by all of us is a need, whether we are the Indians within its territory or outside of it.
Contribution of NRIs has always been remarkable in Indian development but for now it’s time to give this contribution much more Holistic touch so that we can attain our goal of sustainability and to do that there should be more investment towards more sustainable actions.
Plant a tree India invites all you Indians residing outside the Indian territory to invest for conservation of its culture, heritage.


For 1 TREE PLANTING    £11.00   

You can donate for as many trees as you wish just enter the amount you wish to donate for.

Donate for  50 Tress planting
(You will get a dedicated patch with family name plate)