Ray of Hope

God Fulfills all the needs for those who help others in need

“Ray of Hope” promotes the education of non-school going children, facilitating their introduction into primary and/or secondary public schools. 
The girls and boys suitable for this project:

  • Between 7 and 14.
  • Never attended school.
  • Not attending school though they are enrolled, or have not attended for more than 45 days without informing the school.
  • Find learning difficult.

We give priority to socially vulnerable groups such as children who are at risk of

  • social exclusion
  • children of inmates
  • children in conflict with the law
  • fugitive children
  • children of sex workers
  • children of migrant workers
  • child exploitation victims
  • HIV-positive children, Children of HIV-positive parents
  • orphans
  • children in need of special care and protection.

The project involves identifying the children and their needs and the subsequent completion of a ‘bridge’ conventional education course to get them ready for a successful schooling experience.

A follow up is done after their enrollment to evaluate their adjustment and to ensure their permanence in school.

As part of the project, we work with child advocacy in schools, aiding statutory services based on the needs of these children.

Taking advantage of law provisions in India, we raise the awareness of teachers concerning childrens’ needs, and provide them with proper training to carry out their mission.

Sponsor a child

For just 70 pence a day (£21 a month), you make it possible for a child to receive education, nourishment and health care in a safe and protective environment, while improving the living conditions of their community.

A caring bond is created between a child and his sponsor.  A sponsor’s support is very important for children beyond being a mere financial contribution. Their self-esteem is enhanced when they feel the closeness and affection of people who, although far away, look after them. This, in turn, often prevents them from dropping out of school, a common phenomenon in India.

Sponsorship allows the overall development of vulnerable children through development projects that ensure the rights of children are respected & protected, which in turn, delivers a direct and lasting benefit to their environment and community.