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God Fulfills all the needs for those who help others in need

India Literacy Mission” engaged in identifying drop out children

Education has the power to transform the world.  It is a means to escape poverty and which is why India Aid tries to give as many unfortunate children as possible the chance to gain knowledge and skills in order to improve their lives.

We do this in the hope that these children, in turn, will one day be able to provide better lives to their children.

Unfortunately, there are too many children today who do not see the insides of a classroom.  There are many, who drop out of school because their families simply cannot afford to send them to school.

Where there are Government schools and free education, families find themselves in situations where a child working at minimum wage makes more sense than to have him/her in school, earning nothing.

Complex though the issues are, SHANTIDHAM works with several NGOs around India who are trying to help more and more children to go to school and receive at least a primary education. There are also many such organisations that aim to improve the quality of education.

By counselling these children and their parents, sending them back to school and monitoring their attendance for 6 months.

Please donate        £35.00 per child.

Please sponsor as many children as possible,and let me have your email address together with your sponsorship amount.

You will receive acknowledgement and updates of your “ASHA KIRAN CHILD”.  The cheques are to be issued in favour of “Shantidham a/c Literacy mission “.

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