Shantidham has been organising cultural and charity events since 2002.

Here is a list of events organised

Atma Shanti Katha in Leicester 2002
The Katha, which was aimed to raise awareness of the Shanti Dham Project

Bhaishri praised the name of the Katha- Atma Shanti – meaning ‘Peace of the Soul.’ Throughout the ten days, Bhaishri spoke of what is Atma Shanti, how to achieve it, and how the Bhagavat can help. Using shloka’s from the Bhagavat and chopai’s from the Ramcharitmanas, he answered interesting questions such as the nature of the Atma, the sound of the Atma, how to see the Atma and how to achieve Atma Shanti. Using stories and examples from the Bhagavat, Bhaishri taught pure Vedanta that was understood and enjoyed by young and old alike.

Tree Planting in India

Shantidham Tree planting project in   association with Shree Anandabava Seva Sanstha Jamnagar  Trees planted in Shativan area with all UK donors.

Shreenathji Ni Jakhi

In 2016 a cultural and  religious event was performed by artists from Rajkot Indian with renown singer Nidhi Dholakia Pota and had 3 shows in Leicester, Croydon and South harrow all shows were sold out.

Shree Hanuman Charitra Katha April 2016

Katha was organised for 3 days at Shree Ram Manidr Leicester recited by Pujay Ramnikbhai Shastri. It was attended by hundreds of devotees and was telecast live on MATV. Devotees out of town were able to watch.


Krishna Leela in Leicester

Krishna Leela a story of  Lord Krishna in musical dance form performed at the Peepul Enterprises in Leicester in front of houseful audience by artist from India and UK. 

Gujarati Guldasto

A great show was organised at Leicester Jungle Club for all the Gujarati language lovers performed by Khwahish Entertainment of Rajkot with renown singers Nidhi Dholakia Pota and Mayur