Medical kits support

India today is facing a massive 2nd wave of Covid’19 across the country. The number of cases and fatalities are rising by the second.
Shantidham UK and Rotary club of Bharuch India feel that we should also share the responsibility and extend ourselves in aid of the under privileged.
We sincerely appeal to yourselves to please come forward and make your most generous contributions in procurement of life saving medicines for the treatment of Covid’19 for the poor patients.
A standard kit of prescribed oral medicines for an individual patient costs £20.00 per kit per patient.
Please send your donations to Shantidham (Charity No 1131036)
The Bank details are as follows.
Punjab National Bank
Sort Code: 60-95-00
Account No: 13000197
your generosity would surely help in protecting and saving the life of a poor and needy person. List of Medicines.
1. Doxycycline 100mg
2. Ivermectin 12mg
3. Zinc Sulphate
4. Vitamin C
5. Ecosprin
6. Favipiravir 200/400/800 MG
7. Montelukast & Levocetrizine
8. Arithromycin
9. Paracetamol
10. Pantoprazole
11. Predmet
12. Syrup -Dextromethorphan
We once again sincerely appeal to you to please come forward with your generosity. 🙏
Donate as many Kits as you can.

India needs you